inMont is a group of expert Mountain Guides that offers its own initiatives in all areas of mountaineering: from rock to ice climbing, vie ferrate to the High Alps, ski mountaineering to expeditions outside Europe. We organize courses, excursions, practical experience, but also advanced learning and meet-ups.

In addition, in 2010, inMont became Mountaineering School by decree of the Regional Authority of Friuli Venezia Giulia. This enables us to structure our training in an organic and professional manner.

who are the inMont Mountain Guides?

The inMont Mountain Guide group is made up of:
Massimo Candolini, Guido Candolini, Gianni Dorigo e Andrea Fusari.
We also work with other several mountain guides UIAGM fully qualified.

Mountain Guide

Massimo Candolini

M +39 349 579 8326

I’ve been mountaineering since I was a child and I have scaled many peaks in the Alps, with a preference for winter, especially for skiing. I’ve been a Mountain Guide since 2003 and, from the beginning, I have devoted myself to traditional guide work, teaching and sharing, seeking to transmit my passion for mountaineering to others. My love of snow and ice now takes me to the polar regions, in the never-ending search for the perfect excursion!

Guido Candolini

Mountain Guide

M +39 335 802 0845

I have been mountaineering since I was a child and thanks to the passion handed down from my parents, I have never stopped! Of all the activities that you can enjoy in the mountains in the different seasons, it is precisely the variety and the possibility of change that I love about mountaineering. In winter and in the High Alps, the environments are both severe and intimate, whereas summer climbing on sheer rock faces is a unique and thrilling experience. I qualified as a UIAGM Mountain Guide (International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations) in 2005 and, since then, I have been travelling in discovery of new mountains and different cultures all over the world.

Gianni Dorigo

Mountain Guide

M +39 335 123 4813

I’ve been mountaineering since I was young, when I practised many different sports, before choosing to devote body and soul to my greatest love, the mountains. I have been a Mountain Guide since 2009 and I began working immediately in this noble profession: my desire is to convey to others my enthusiasm for mountaineering, along with the essential technical knowledge. I am lucky to visit so many beautiful places, which are always experiences of great discovery and adventure.

Andrea Fusari

Mountain Guide

M +39 347 607 4964

I have always considered the mountains to be my true home, a place without boundaries where you can really 100% be yourself. In fact, I don’t remember exactly when I really started going out in the mountains; certainly, my parents and grandparents took me when I was very small, first on foot and then on skis, then later rock climbing and ice climbing on the winter waterfalls in the High Alps. I have been a Mountain Guide since 2014.


Our activity is not limited to guide work, i.e. organising mountain climbing excursions. With a pinch of presumption, but a whole lot of professionalism, we have set ourselves the goal of successful mountaineering promotion and training.
This promotion includes aspects relating to knowledge of the mountains, the discovery of the most remote places, of routes still so undeservedly little known, but also the culture and history of mountaineering.
Our training seeks to teach all the technical aspects of mountaineering that ensure excursions are undertaken in maximum safety. We promote courses that provide training in all the main disciplines of mountaineering: from rock to ice climbing, from snow to the High Alps, from ski touring to canyoning.
Every climb that we complete involves moments of individual technical training and learning.