The Julian Alps. It is here that my parents introduced me from a young age to the fantastic world of mountaineering. Together, in the summer, we followed the normal routes to the top of the most beautiful peaks and, in the winter, we left the tracks of our skis in the snow.

Over time, my curiosity was directed towards more distant environments and mountains:
the Central Alps, the impressive Western Alps with Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Gran Paradiso, as far as savouring the thrill of peaks beyond Europe: different measurements, spaces, times, challenges, but capable of rewarding you with ever greater emotions enjoyed in intimate silence and shared, at the same time, with the person beside you.

The silence of your breath together with shared efforts, the indescribable emotion of a dawn in the pleasure of a story, the desire for solitude and peace that pushes you to seek companions with whom to climb a mountain: these concepts seem almost opposites, yet it is precisely these concepts that have matured in me the desire to share this passion and led me to becoming a Mountain Guide in 2005.

After more than ten years of living and working with inMont, which began with Massimo and then expanded first with Gianni and now with Andrea, we offer the very best in professionalism, expertise and experience, a broad range of activities extending from courses to climbing, from trekking to overseas expeditions.