I was born in the plains, in Udine, close to but not in the mountains.

Perhaps it was this that helped drive my curiosity and desire to explore every aspect of this world. The different choices I have made in my development have been influenced by this passion, especially for snow.

Already as a boy, I started to travel around the snowy Julian Alps and the Dolomites on skis and with skins…then I qualified as a guide and this opened up a whole new world, broadening my field of action to all over the Alps.

I have always considered the mountains to be my true home, a place without boundaries where you can really 100% be yourself.

After graduating in Environmental Science with specialisation in Snow Science, in 2014 I qualified as Aspirant Mountain Guide and, in 2017, as UIAGM Mountain Guide. Since then, I have devoted myself to my profession with passion and commitment. The most rewarding part of our job is to see the satisfaction and joy in the eyes of those who choose to rope up with us after a day in the mountains, whether it be on skis or in climbing shoes.

It’s all about conveying our passion and teaching the skills that we need every day in the heart of the mountains.

I consider mountaineering in all its forms to be an “excuse” to travel and discover different cultures, near and far, in the deep snow of Greenland or the rocky Berber valleys of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.