About inMont

The company inMont di Candolini Massimo & C Snc (hereinafter referred to as ‘inMont’) is constituted by Guide Alpine – Maestri di Alpinismo (Mountain Guides).

All the Guides at inMont hold the professional qualification of Guida Alpina – Maestro di Alpinismo recognized by Framework Law no 6/89 and are duly registered with the regional mountain guides register. The qualification of Mountain Guide is internationally recognized and identified by the acronym UIAGM/IFMGA/IVBV.

The activities offered cover all areas of mountaineering: from rock to ice climbing, vie ferrate to high mountains, from ski touring to excursions beyond Europe.
InMont organises courses, practical training, excursions on all terrains and in all seasons, advanced learning and meet-ups.



The meet-up place shall be communicated well in advance. The transfer from the meet-up place to the destination (place of departure of the excursion) shall be agreed with the Mountain Guide assigned to the excursion. Transfer costs shall be paid by the excursion participants.


All our excursions have a minimum number of participants. In the event of failure to reach this number, inMont is entitled to cancel the scheduled activity. Where possible, an alternative activity shall be proposed to the registered participants. In the event that the alternative fails to meet the satisfaction of the participants, they shall have the right to a refund of amounts paid.

In order to ensure the best service and the highest possible level of safety, groups shall consist of a limited number of participants, in relation to the different activities proposed. The Mountain Guide shall assess the number of participants, taking into account individual ability and level of fitness.

In the event of the request to undertake an activity by an existing group, inMont shall assess and organise the activity in agreement with the participants, proposing the best feasible programme.


At the time of the registration, participants must indicate which of the required equipment they do not have. Some equipment can be provided by inMont. Where not specified in the programme or in the notes, a fee may be due for use of this equipment.

Overnight stays

Where the excursion involves overnight stays in huts, hotels or guest houses, the accommodation is understood to be in double or triple rooms or dormitories, depending on the facilities. In the event of the request for a single room, as long as this is possible, this must be indicated at the time of registration and may incur an additional charge in hotel/guest house fees. Overnight stays shall be paid for by the participants, unless otherwise specified in the notes for the particular activity.

How to register

To register, fill out the form or write to

To sign up for an activity, you must subscribe to the mailing list for the collection of personal data and fill in the form for the activity on the website under Book The Tour for the chosen activity.

Registration shall be complete only after paying the registration fee. Filling out the form constitutes a registration request and does not guarantee a place booked for the chosen activity. It is also essential to provide a telephone number (preferably mobile) at the time of registration, so that inMont can contact you in relation to excursion organisation and information.

Difficulty levels

The activities that we offer involve varying levels of difficulty in terms of technical skills and fitness.

To assess your technical skills and fitness level and decide whether these are adequate and sufficient to take part in the chosen activity, please consider the indications in the programme presentation on the activity page on the website In case of doubts on the level of difficulty, it is recommended that you contact the inMont Mountain Guides directly (email or phone). We can provide all the information and support necessary to weigh up whether or not to participate in the activity.

Risk management and sense of responsibility

Mountaineering is a high-risk activity. It is impossible to eliminate completely these risks, insofar as adverse events may depend on situations that cannot be foreseen even by the Mountain Guide in charge of the excursion. The Mountain Guides undertake to assess all the risks carefully and take the consequent decisions taking into account all the elements involved. However, it shall never be possible to exclude these risks completely.

The sense of responsibility of the individual participants is certainly a decisive element for the safety of all participants on the excursion.
Participants are required to notify the Mountain Guides, both before and during the activity, of any health problems or other issues that may limit or affect their performance and their safety.

Failure to provide such information may expose to risk both the person concerned and the whole group, for which the Mountain Guide cannot be held responsible.

Changes to the programme

For reasons of safety as well as the best opportunities, the Mountain Guides may change the programme of the excursion at their own discretion. Such changes may be due to bad weather conditions, risk of avalanche, a lack of preparation among the participants or to other causes not foreseen when creating the programme. Our greatest priority is safety.

In the event of changes to the programme before or during the excursion due to force majeure, participants must follow the instructions of the Mountain Guides. The refusal by participants to follow the instructions of the Mountain Guides creates a situation of serious danger for themselves and for the other participants, as well as for the Mountain Guides. Anyone adopting such behaviour shall bear full responsibility for their actions, insofar as such behaviour may prevent the Mountain Guides from doing their job and compromise the safety of the group.

Any changes to the programme decided by the Mountain Guide and due to force majeure as mentioned above shall not constitute a reason for termination of the contract either by the Mountain Guide, who is obliged to complete the activity in the best way possible, or by the participants, who must comply with these Regulations. Despite the fact that pre-established destination and objective indicated in the programme are not reached for the reasons mentioned above or for other contingent reasons not attributable to choices made by the Mountain Guide, the registration fee shall still be due in full.


The inMont Mountain Guides hold the professional qualification of Guida Alpina – Maestro di Alpinismo regulated by Framework Law no. 6/89 that governs the figure recognised at international level by the organisation UIAGM/IFMGA. The Mountain Guides are registered with the Regional Professional Mountain Guides Register and attend the refresher courses required by this law.


Unless otherwise specified in the information on the individual activities, in the case of withdrawal, the following penalties shall apply:


date of withdrawal fees due
up to 10 days prior to the activity start date penalty of 40% of the registration fee
up to 3 days prior to the activity start date penalty of 75% of the registration fee
within the 3 days prior to the activity start date full fee to be paid


This is a general rule and possible exceptions to this rule shall be agreed with the individual registered persons.


Any disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent court closest to the registered address of inMont or the residence of the Mountain Guide in charge of the activity.