Because with inMont every MOUNTAINEERING ACTIVITY is certain to be a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE,
where we make optimal use of your precious time,
so you won’t go away thinking you’ve learned something trivial
or feeling that you’ve simply been dragged up a mountain.

We can’t guarantee good weather, or perfect snow
and we can’t do your fitness training for you.
Our goal will be to create the conditions
your long-cherished dream, will be a GREAT SUCCESS.

How do we do all that?


For example, for our expeditions, we organise every last detail to ensure that your journey is not an impromptu adventure, but is instead a

well-planned mountaineering experience,

from the logistics (transport, accommodation, equipment, etc.), to the choice of mountain guides and porters, the selection of routes and possible alternatives to follow in special cases (conditions, illnesses…).


For example, the objective of our courses is to train mountaineers to become increasingly independent:
we are not looking to keep the tricks and secrets to ourselves, instead we want to

pass on all of our experience to you.

Just like a piano teacher who is proud to see his pupil become a concert pianist, our ambition is to shake hands with ex-pupils who become mountain guides alongside us!

When programming all our activities, we also put considerable effort into searching for the best quality at a fair price.

Our choices seek to meet certain objectives that we set ourselves. Low-cost services, underpaid collaborators, as well as providing inadequate equipment and so on do not fall under our standards of quality (it would be like organising a wedding reception in a fast-food joint). Observing the same concept, we offer quality services and logistics without going over the top.

Put more clearly: the groups of participants in all activities will be organised so as to ensure individual support for completing the specific activity; the hotels will comply with 3-star standards, and so forth.

All this said, we would like to invite you to join us for some short activities, so that you can see for yourselves the standard of quality that we seek.
You can then make the informed decision to share in our emotions and dreams. Because, just in case we haven’t made it clear,

we love our jobs as mountain guides and we put everything we have into what we do.

We love to take you by the hand and teach you to climb, to ski, to work hard towards an ambitious goal and we seek to do this by encouraging you to take the first step.
We love to see you take the last few steps toward the summit of the Matterhorn or a distant 6,000 m peak, to shake you by the hand and see the emotion on your face, as we struggle to keep our own in check.