Technical difficulty

This is undoubtedly a very technical discipline that requires swimming skills and knowledge of using ropes. It also requires a good level of fitness.

Level 1

You have no experience, approach is almost non-existent, no need for ropes, the water does not hinder progression, duration of up to 2 hours;

Level 2

You already have some canyoning experience, approach max. 30 min, abseils of up to 15 m, the water interferes with abseiling, swimming in deep pools, average duration max. 3 hrs;

Level 3

You already have canyoning experience and you can abseil on your own, approach max. 1 hour, abseils up to 30 m, abseils into deep pools, swimming in current, above average duration max. 4/5 hrs;

Level 4

You’ve completed some challenging canyons and you have solid technical preparation, approach over 1 hr 30, abseils over 30 m, abseils under waterfalls, strong currents, duration of full day;

Level 5

You are an expert in canyoning and you have tackled very challenging ravines, approach over 1 hr 30, multipitch abseils with difficult stops, impossible to abseil in the waterfalls, impossible to swim in the currents, impossible to complete the canyon in one day.